We are Acolyte

At Acolyte Industries, we create fully integrated LED lighting systems with the highest standards of quality control and customer service.  We make our own materials, including our own proprietary phosphor, at our Shenzhen, China factory allowing us to provide LED lighting solutions for every application.

Through our collaboration with international designers, our products can be found in major installations worldwide.  Our industry leading Ribbonlyte delivers true, accurate color at all color temperatures with double the run length versus the competition.  We offer custom design and fabrication, as well as a full line of fixtures, controls and mounting accessories, all with world-class customer service.  

We make LEDs.
We make lighting.
But above all, we make SOLUTIONS.

About Us

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We began with a Vision. Acolyte's founder, JR Guerrieri, has known for years that white LEDs are the way of the future. Since it's inception in 1992, Acolyte's focus has been on advancing the capabilities of LED lighting technology and introducing LEDs to the world.

Acolyte began transforming the fashion, event, floral and hospitality markets when it pioneered battery operated LED lighting. Products like the votive light, the world's first battery operated flameless candle and the HD24, a wireless-controlled RGB entertainment wash fixture, provided a cooler, more efficient way to light the world.

In 2005 we continued to Innovate as Acolyte’s architectural lighting line was formed and has been the company’s focus ever since. The StripLyte began this evolution and has continued with RibbonLyte, the High Output Lyte Bar and many more cutting edge LED lighting choices.

One of Acolyte’s primary tenets is to never stop innovating. As evidence, in 2011 Acolyte debuted Variable White RibbonLyte. This flexible LED lighting simulates a wide range of white lighting from sunrise to sunset. Designers have been ecstatic over this product, “never needing to specify a color temperature again.”

Acolyte again transformed the lighting scene when it introduced Incandescent LED in 2012. At 2400 Kelvin, Incandescent LED reproduces the amber hues and warmth of incandescent light.

Leading the way in Lighting

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Acolyte utilizes the highest quality components and state of the art technology. Our RibbonLyte is made with 3-ounce copper board that dissipates heat three times more efficiently than the competition and allows more current to pass through the internal wiring, resulting in best in class run lengths.   

We engineered a 2-step MacAdam’s ellipse binning process for white LEDs.  This industry leading, fully integrated design includes our proprietary PhosphourTech™ Phosphor.  We create a low-tolerance for deviation by formulating proprietary batches of phosphor for each of our color temperatures.

By manufacturing our LEDs this way, we can ensure the most accurate color temperature, CRI and hue, consistently, time after time.  We run photometric, spectral and colormetric tests for our LEDs as well as optimize a selection of 30 aluminum channels for luminance and performance.  Our commitment to quality control ensures accurate color reproduction and standardized light quality throughout our entire product line.


World-Class Support

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With over 15 years’ experience, we have completed over twenty thousand installations worldwide with full-service application support, including our detailed tracking system that provides information about any product order, in real time.  We offer lighting systems for commercial, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, museums, public spaces, government, residential, retail environments and more. With a product portfolio that ranges from 1.5 to 8.8 watts per foot and includes a wide selection of color control and dimming options.  All of our orders ship with photometric reports to ensure that color temperature always match when reordering. Contact our customer support team to find out more about our products.

In addition to the thousands of options already available, we can bring any lighting vision to life with our custom design and fabrication specialists.  We even track and store every order, ensuring an exact replication color because of our proprietary phosphor mix.  Our commitment to quality control guarantees accurate product performance, every time.

The industry uses the term Tape Light to describe a commodity product, but RibbonLyte™ defines what we call our thoughtfully designed, superior product.  We uphold high standards in components and manufacturing ensuring the integrity of our entire product line’s performance.  We don’t believe in short cuts, and have never overdriven circuits to maximize lumens.  Out team is dedicated to offer the best quality control, on-time delivery, customer service and we continually outperform the competition.