Triac Dimming Module

  • Part # TRIDIMMOD


Specification Sheet


Acolyte's Triac dimming module. (Patent pending)

For European market only.

1. This module works on line voltage dimming (All incandescent dimmers).

2. Outputs an exact voltage 12 or 24 volts, Unlike Magnetic low voltage drivers that will output more on the low voltage side if it receives more input from the high voltage side and require a minimum load, Acolyte's Triac dimming module does not and you can run 3 inches of LED strip or 40 ft of LED with perfect voltage distribution throughout the entire LED Linear strip.

3. Better efficiency with all solid-state parts and power supplies. Unlike magnetic low voltage drivers, which generate an enormous amount of heat, Acolyte LED driver that powers the Triac dimming module and LED strip operates at .98% power factor.

4. Finally a user adjustable trim that lets you define the low end brightness level to match other light sources or any dimming system, either wall dimmer switch or digital system. This allows the user to control the low end brightness level and even use this on-board control as a replacement for an added rely for the off position of the blights if needed.

5. The Triac dimming module will hold the exact brightness level that it is set to even when you turn the dimmer switch on and off.