The EVEN HOTEL | New York, NY 

Lighting Designers: Glen & Company, Inc.

Photographer: Alberto Herrera Salas

Products Used: RGB RibbonLyte & Static White RibbonLyte

The EVEN Hotel chain offers you more options to stay healthier and happier away from home with the architecture and environment reflecting that mantra. At the EVEN Hotel in New York City, they offer guests a best-in-class fitness experience, a variety of natural, yet healthier food options, plenty of relaxing spaces whether for business or leisure with an informative and efficient staff. 

From the rooms to the hallways to the common areas, the design creates a restful environment, which is essential. The energetic feeling draws inspiration and higher productivity from the serene surroundings. 

An important way to obtain a healthy and spiritually comfortable environment is with the use of light. When designing spaces, the use of specific color temperatures is paramount in creating an ambiance that will reflect the goal of each space.

With the help of Acolyte’s RGB and Static White RibbonLyte and AS3 fixtures with clear and frosted lens, the lighting designer was able to create the proper lighting setting for the hotel.

A modern lobby space with illumination that is warmly lit during the day to make sure guests have plenty of comfy and calming work surfaces in the lobby to accomplish their work tasks. The lighting could then be adjusted at night to be washed in bright colors when guests are winding down after a hard day and/or travel in the city streets. 

The corridors is just as important as the lobby entrance, therefore color temperatures placement is definitely recommended. Guests need to feel a distinctive comfort level while traveling to their room to relax after a hard day. Acolyte's RibbonLyte was used to create this restful environment and bring one's home away from home to a restful night sleep. 

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