TAPS | Shenzhen, China

TAPS | Shenzhen, China

Lighting Designer: Moody

Photographer: Eric Laignel

Product Used: NeonLyte, RibbonLyte 4.4 & RGBW Glass Touch Wall Controller


TAPS is a Canadian-owned craft brew house located in the heart of Shenzhen, China. Their famed Gold Ale recently took 1st place in the Brew Masters Competition; a global event held in Hong Kong. In addition to a wide selection of beverages, TAPS offers classic bar-fare and sophisticated dinner choices. Taking a queue from the diverse menu, lighting designer Moody selected 3000K NeonLyte and Static White RibbonLyte with RGBW Glass Touch Wall Controller of our line of products to highlight the complementing textures and architectural elements of the space.

TAPS is a popular destination where guests can explore a complete menu while enjoying the ambience created with Acolyte products.

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