Tower 280 | Rochester, NY

Lighting Designer: Acolyte LED

Products Used: RGB 8.8 RibbonLyte in AS3 Channel


Acolyte LED worked with Buckingham Properties and Morgan Management to create vivid accents for the new Tower 280 luxury rentals in Rochester, NY.

The building, located in the heart of the downtown revitalization effort, is divided into modern apartments and commercial space. The area is enjoying a renewal of cultural attractions, museums, and business growth, as well a community of professionals and young families.

Acolyte LED installed RGB 8.8 RibbonLyte in AS3 Channel to create colorful contours throughout the penthouse and street-level floors that highlight Tower 280’s minimalist lines. From across the bay, Tower 280 creates a striking accent of color amongst the surrounding structures. As downtown Rochester’s skyline continues to expand, Tower 280 stands as its beacon of opportunity, culture and luxury.